TOP Villages in Rhodes

In the mountain villages of Rhodes, some of which seem to be almost hidden on purpose, you can find some of he most beautiful sites of the island, far from the cosmopolitan settlements along the shore.


Afandou (Afantou)

The village of Afandou, known for its long sandy and pebble beach, is a quiet resort with a few outdoor seaside taverns and restaurants around. Souvenir shops in the center of the village sell ceramics and local honey. The area includes simple churches, such as Panagia Katholiki with 16th-century frescoes inside. Nearby, hiking trails run through Psalidi Hill, while Afantou Golf Course overlooks the sea.



Apollona is a village in Rhodes. Administratively it belongs to the municipality of Rhodes of the Regional Unit of Rhodes. It is the only settlement of the homonymous municipal district. According to the 2011 census, it has 851 inhabitants.

Archangelos (Arhangelos)

The streets of busy Archangelos are full of shops selling olive oil, but also ouzo and coffee. In a short distance, fish taverns and family tourist apartments surround Stegna, a beach with sand and pebbles in a large bay. The church of the Archangel Michael has a beautiful bell tower and ornate interior, while in a steep rocky location are the ruins of the Castle of the Archangel, which was built in the 15th century by the Knights of St. John



The village of Archipolis is located 33km from the city of Rhodes. It is a small, hospitable village with a rich natural environment, consisting of mountains and valleys.

To reach the village, follow a beautiful route, with plane trees and cypresses. Along the way, you will meet the Seven Springs and the imposing and beautiful church of Agios Nektarios. The stone church of Agios Dimitrios with its beautiful bell tower, 200 years old, is also remarkable.



Once you arrive at Eleousa, you will find yourself in a tiny village surrounded by plane trees, at the heart of one of the most verdant parts of the island, offering pure country air and purling sound of running waters.


Embonas (Emponas)

Embonas (also: Emponas or Embona) is the most important grape-producing village on Rhodes. Come around harvest time, and you will find the streets being full of baskets and the courtyards being spread with raisins soaking up the sun.


Gennadi (Genadi)

The village of Gennadi, which stretches around a large sandy and pebble beach, is quite quiet during the week, but is famous for its summer beach parties, while DJs play relaxing music in modern beach bars. The busy streets are full of outdoor taverns serving appetizers and moussaka, as well as shops selling beach items, local honey, and baklava. Accommodation options include simple holiday villas and mid-range hotels.


Partly traditional and partly a small resort town, the village of Kalathos offers one of the largest and quietest beaches on the island.



The streets of Lindos are a labyrinth of continuous buildings, mainly with inner courtyards. Most of the houses have flat roofs, but some types of types are visible between the buildings that have not been affected by time and changes in use and shape. The material used in their construction is either the local limestone quarry (porolitho) or the paved and whitewashed cobblestones.


Faliraki is the main seaside village on the Greek island of Rhodes, in the Dodecanese. It is located in Faliraki Bay, on the northeast coast, about 14 km south of the city of Rhodes and 10 km southeast of the airport.


Ialysos (Ialisos)

The beautiful city of Ialyssos lies on the slopes of Filerimos hill. The site of ancient Ialyssos has located a short distance from the modern city.



Kremasti is located on the west coast. It is a busy village with rooms, apartments, and some hotel packages.



Kattavia in Rhodes, Dodecanese: Kattavia is a well-preserved settlement located in the middle of a fertile plain, at the southern tip of the island, about 84 km from the city. This is a charming traditional village. It was built during the medieval era like any village in Rhodes and until now has retained its traditional character, with houses of typical folk architecture that depict the way of life over the years.



Kritinia in Rhodes, Dodecanese: Kritinia is one of the most beautiful villages of Rhodes. It is located 55 km from the city and is built on a hill with wonderful panoramic sea views. It has a population of 500 people.


Lardos Village

The beautiful and friendly village of Lardos is located on the sunny southeast side of the island, with easy access to the town of Lindos. Lardos offers all the amenities you would expect from a modern holiday destination. There is surgery for doctors, dentists, pharmacies, hairdressers, exchange facilities, international telephone networks, news agencies, cars, moped, and bicycle rental.



Located inland from Ialyssos to Faliraki, Pastida stands out for its authenticity and traditional character with its whitewashed houses and picturesque square. The surrounding area is covered by olive groves and endless vegetation


Skala Kamirou

Kamiros Skala is a settlement in Rhodes. Administratively it belongs to the municipality of Rhodes of the Regional Unit of Rhodes. According to the 2011 census, it has 66 inhabitants