Hold city of Rhodes

Rhodes Old Town itself is surely the main attraction here, see more attractions below.

Hold City of rhodes

Rhodes Old Town

The jewel of the city of Rhodes, is the old town with many attractions, such us the Palace of the Grand Master , the Mosque of Suleiman, the much-photographed Knights Street , the majestic gates and more .Its countless alleys will lead you to the Sokratous Street where the heart of market beats. In the evening the straits of Rhodes are filled with bustling bars and music.


Palace of Grand Master

The Palace of the Grand Master is a 14th century building built by the Ioannites knights, who occupied Rhodes and some other islands such as Kastelorizo from 1309 to 1522, on the site of an older Byzantine citadel of the 7th century AD.

After the attachment of the Dodecanese to Greece in 1948, the first floor of the palace was converted by the Greek authorities into a museum containing various artistic creations, folk art from antiquity and the Middle Ages, weapons, medieval tombstones,  jewelery , books, paintings, statues and other finds, while in general the whole building is the largest visitor attraction in the medieval city of Rhodes.



The Suleiman Mosque

Was a mosque originally built after the Ottoman conquest of Rhodes in 1522 and reconstructed in 1808. It was named after Sultan Suleiman I to commemorate the conquest of Rhodes.

Most of the mosque was reconstructed using materials of buildings that existed in the same location during the previous period. Europa Nostra gave the mosque an honorary distinction in 2006.


Street of the Knights in Old Town

Along the street, seven imposing inns where constructed in the early 16th century, representing the seven countries, or tongues, that the Knights of the Order of St John were originated from. Each facade is decorated with emblems and details that reflect the respective country.

The Street of the Knights conveys an excellent impression of the medieval times. All inns are very well preserved and still functional.


The Virgin of the castle

The church of Virgin of the castle is located in Museum Square at the lower end of Knights Street, opposite the archaeological museum. It was probably built in the 11th century initially as a Byzantine church, but was later rebuilt twice, the first after the conquest by the knights and the second as a mosque during the Turkish occupation.

You can visit it with the same ticket of the archaeological museum.


Medieval Clock Tower

Τhe Clock Tower was built in 1857 by Fetchis Pasha, next to the Suleiman Mosque, after the explosion of 1856 caused by forgotten gunpowder in the basements of the church of St. John the Knight and  destroyed the entire surrounding area.

The old clock mechanism is considered one of the achievements of 19th century technology.  From the top of the tower the view of the Old Town is wonderful.

You can visit it with the same ticket of the archaeological museum.


Yeni Hammam Rhodes

The walk in the Old Town can not be considered complete, if one does not pass by Yeni Hamam.  First of all, to admire its internal configuration, especially of the male wing with the huge dome, the polygonal and asteroid windows, from which diffused a light, the marble fountains and the fountains with the running hot and cold water, the  heavy doors, which prevent heat from escaping, and columns, which served as seats. 


Virgin of Burgos

Virgin of Burgos is located in the urban part of the medieval city, in the so-called Gate of Virgin . Its rebuilt date back to the time of the Grand Master Villeneuve, in the 14th century.

During the Hippocracy, six chapels were built in the surrounding area and seven arched tombs were opened on the northern wall of the church.

Today, unfortunately, only the three arches and parts of the chapels are preserved.  The church was Catholic, as shown by its form and characteristics.