Rhodes Point of Interest

You want to visit Rhodes and you’re wondering about the best places to see? Let’s start with the best places to visit on the island!

Point of Interest

The Medieval City of Rhodes

Rhodes’ medieval city is the island’s must-see attraction.
This UNESCO World Heritage site is the largest and best-preserved fortified city in Europe!
When the knights of Saint-John arrived on the island in 1309, they decided to build this impressive citadel. The 4-km long fortified walls, with many strongholds and towers, are extremely well-preserved.



After visiting Rhodes’ old town, you can go outside the fortified walls to visit Mandraki, the modern city. In the harbor, you will see the 3 mills of Rhodes as well as the place where the famous Colossus of Rhodes was built. This 30-meter high statue of the sun-god Helios was destroyed by an earthquake in 226 BC. It was replaced by 2 small statues representing a deer (the symbol of Rhodes), built on 2 pillars at the port’s entrance. It’s not as spectacular as the Colossus, considered as one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world!



Lindos is one of Rhodes’ most beautiful villages, and one of the best places to see on the island. It takes around 1 hour to reach the village, located 50 kilometers South of Rhodes City. Classified as a major archaeological site, Lindos is a real postcard landscape: you will be amazed by the pretty white houses built on the hillside and its Acropolis overlooking the village and the sea. As Lindos is a pedestrian-only town, you should park your car in the free parking lot above the city, then walk down to reach the village’s entrance. When taking a stroll on its paved alleys, you will enjoy numerous souvenirs and clothes shops, as well as many cafés and restaurants.


Rhodes’ castles

When visiting Rhodes, you should also discover the island’s many castles.

Most of these castles were built in the 15th century by the Knights of Saint John and were used as observation posts: Kritinia Castle, Monolithos Castle, Feraklos CastleThe Castle of Archangelos, The castle of Asklipio.

All the castles in Rhodes can be visited for free.


The Valley of the Butterflies

The Valley of the Butterflies is among the best things to do in Rhodes.

It’s located in the North of the island, 26 km from Rhodes city, between the villages of Paradisi and Theologos. Between June and September, you can observe hundreds of butterflies covering all the trees, as the valley’s climate and the environment is perfect for their reproduction. The valley is one of Europe’s best sanctuaries for the Callimorpha Quadripunctaria butterflies.

The entrance ticket costs 5€ between June and September and 2€ the rest of the year when there are no butterflies. It’s still a great place to take a stroll and enjoy a beautiful natural environment.


Kallithea Springs

You’re spending a few days in Rhodes, and you want to relax a bit? Then, you should go to Kallithea Springs! The Springs are located East of the island, 9 km away from Rhodes City.

Opened in 1929, the springs were renowned for Kallithea spring water’s curative and therapeutic properties. People were coming from all over the world to find a cure for arthritis, diabetes, or asthma. Then, the springs were left in a state of decay for many years to finally re-open in 2007.

The entrance costs 3€. And if you want to rent a deckchair on the beach, it costs 5€ with a soft drink included.

Seven Springs / Epta Piges

It’s time to continue this Rhodes tourist guide with a great place if you want to relax by the water: the Seven Springs.

The Seven Springs (or Epta Piges in Greek) are located 4 km from the village of Kolymbia, not far from Tsambika Monastery. There, 7 springs are gushing from the mountain in the same place to create a river. On the site, you will find a marked trail as well as a restaurant by the water. The place is very frequented by locals, and people are coming here to enjoy the beautiful natural environment and taste Greek specialties. There is also a playground for children.